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​The Department of Labour is currently receiving applications for employment agency license for new applicants (Category A only) and this offer will be closed by 31st January 2019 ,3:30 pm.

The form can be acquired from Employment Agency License Form 2018.

For further information can refer this link.

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Briefing on Local, Foreign Workforce Ratio (NTA) and Foreign Worker Levy

Monday, March 04​

The Labour Department, Ministry of Home Affairs recently held a briefing session on the Local and Foreign Workforce Ratio (NTA) and  Foreign Workers Levy for company owners and employers in the wholesale dan retail sector. The breifing session was held at the auditorium of JobCentre Brunei. 


 The goal of the session was to relay information on the NTA and Foreign Workers Levy and obtain feedback on them from the session participants. The talk helped the employers in making early preparations to ensure their local and foreign worker makeup falls within the ratio required. 


     The NTA is a policy introduced by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) through the Labour Department.

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Brunei celebrates 25th Civil Service Day with honours, awards

​Thursday, November 1, (Borneo Bulletin)

BRUNEI marked its 25th Civil Service Day yesterday with the presentation of the Public Sector Performance Grading Programme (3PSA) award to the Department of Town and Country Planning under the Ministry of Development; the Immigration and National Registration Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs; the Syariah Affairs Department under the Ministry of Religious Affairs; the Land Department under the Ministry of Development; the Labour Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs; and the Pharmaceutical Services Department under the Ministry of Health.

The 3PSA is an instrument used by the Management Services Department (MSD) to measure the performances of government agencies, with the use of star ratings.

Acting Commissioner of the Labour Department, Saufi bin Haji Ibrahim explained that basically 3PSA is the services being offered to the public.

“3PSA relies on all aspects, including human resources and public services, along with the internal procedures and tools which are used as the medium for improving public services,” he explained.


Workshop focusses on mediation in work-related disputes

​May 16, 2018

The Labour Department with assistance from expert trainers from the Tripartite Alliance on Dispute Management (TADM), Singapore, held a workshop on 'Manpower Management and Employment Dispute Resolution Approaches' on May 14-15. 

The workshop was held at the Tripartite Hall of the Labour Department Headquarters. 40 officers and staff from the Law Enforcement Division and Branch had participated in the three day workshop which was officiated by the Acting Commissioner of Labour, Awg Muhammad Saufi bin Haji Ibrahim.

Welcoming remarks were also delivered by Awg Zulhilmli bin Haji Abidin, Head of the Labour Enforcement Division. 


Submit complaints about violations of the laws and regulations enforced by the Department of Labour.


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