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Labour Department hotline available

March 03, 2018

The Labour Department has informed the public about the convenience of the Labour Department's hotline at 2381848 (at working hours) or call/Whatsapp at 7298989 (after working hours) for any complaints of local and foreign workers' disputes as an example of unpaid salary, no employment contract or any other or any offence relating to Labour Laws and Regulations, in particular the Employment Act 2009.

The hotline may also be used for any person who has and would like to transmit information on labour offences such as the abuse of the Foreign Workers License. The public may also contact Darussalam  line at 123 if they have any questions relating to the services, applications and processes in the Labour Department.

According to the figures from the Law Enforcement Division of the Labour Department, violations of regulations and laws under the 2009 Employment Act recorded inthe past two years were such as: 297 company employers and 97 domestic service emloyers offences in 2016, while in 2017, 285 company employers offences and 51 domestic services offenders.