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1. To ensure employers report workplace 
accidents and injuries.

2. To assess and calculate for compensation 

3. To provide compensation rights to those 
with work-related injuries and illnesses.
4. To collect statistics and data based on 
claims and reported injuries

1. To organise a systematic approach on inspection of workplaces in the country.

2. To monitor and assure that all workplaces are in safe and healthy condition.

3. To conduct inspection and provide recommendations for workplaces.

4.  To conduct workplace investigation on any accident, dangerous occurrences or occupational diseases.

5. To take legal actions on individuals and organisations with unsafe working conditions.
1. To develop and standardise nationwide 
policies in all sectors in all sectors in accordance to the current needs. 

2. To provide useful information and conduct awareness campaign on workplace safety and health.

3. To issue Safety Case Certificate in accordance to "Workplace Safety and Health (Facilities) (Control of Major Accident Hazard) Regulations".

3. To propose and organise safety and health training programs for personnels in the department.